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Our Story

About the Studio

Love Atom Studio (previously Atom Breathes) was created in a small bedroom with big ideas and no room for enough product samples. After countless late nights of brainstorming and daydreaming with her cats, founder and owner, Meek Resngit, decided to take her vision boards for her dream home and use them as a blueprint for the products she wanted to make more accessible for both seasoned interior designers and design enthusiasts alike. This blueprint, as you may now know, has unwittingly become what we call and recognize as the Love, Atom aesthetic. And, today, our studio only continues to evolve as we offer our interior design and styling services to clients that need help in telling their story through mindful design.

In this online store, Love Atom Studio brings you a mix of our original and collaborative designs as well as our go-to styling selections for any space. True to our core, each product that is presented in this site is carefully curated and produced in a way that celebrates the earth's natural tones, movements and textures.

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About Meek

Meek Resngit is a former online host, digital content producer and production stylist. She graduated with a degree in Communication Arts in 2016, but her passion for laid-back designs and affinity for found objects shaped a different path. In 2023, Meek completed her diploma course in Interior Design and is set to return to school to study Plant Styling and Landscape Design in 2024. 


While Meek balances design projects and schooling, Love Atom Studio remains ever-evolving and always inspired as we pour thoughtful intention into each space and product that we add to our catalogue. While design trends come and go, Meek has always stayed true to her initial vision — to create stunning retreats that are timeless, romantic, and well-curated to adapt with the season.
Meek currently lives in Metro Manila with her long-time partner, Ralf, and furry four-legged babies, Batman, Wasabi, Kitty, Tofu, and Chimi.






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