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Frequently Asked Questions

Full-Service Interior Design

> How much is the cost of Full-Service Interior Design?

The cost varies depending on the size, scope, complexity and timeline of your project. For our Full-Service Interior Design, you can expect to pay 10-15% of the total cost toward design fees. We also bill additional hourly rates for other chargeable services such as our attendance and participation in periodic progress meetings with third-party service providers (if applicable) and the procurement and acquisition of custom furnishings, decor, accessories, hardware, cabinets, fabrics, wallpaper, paints, rugs, and other finishes.


How do I get started with Full-Service Interior Design?

To ensure a successful project, we suggest beginning by visualizing your dream space. We love to see your inspiration photos, mood boards, and architectural plans. We will also want to know the details of your budget and timeline (even if these are estimates for now). Once you have this information, start the process by submitting an inquiry.


> What is the project timeline?

The project timeline is typically determined by the builder and/or contractor. Many builders and contractors provide us with an idea of their timeline, and from there we’ll layer in our design work at the corresponding stages.


How involved in the process will I need to be?

Your collaboration style is entirely customizable. As your dedicated design team, we adapt to your preferences and work in the manner that suits you best. Some clients prefer active participation, while other clients prefer a more hands-off approach. Regardless, part of our expertise involves pushing the boundaries of design. Trust us when we say that embracing this process will yield incredible results!


> Do you procure contractors, builders, and other trades?

We can provide you with recommendations on contractors or builders that we have worked with in the past, but we leave the hiring of your team up to you. We do, however, work closely with all contractors, builders, and architects that are involved with the creation of your home.


Online Store

> How do I place an order?

You may place your orders on this website or shoot us a message on Facebook/Instagram: @loveatomstudio


> What are your accepted payment methods?

We accept payments through PayPal, GCASH, cash, and bank deposits.


> How do I send my payment confirmation?

For clients that choose to pay via GCASH and bank deposit, you may send a photo of your receipt to us through Facebook or Instagram.

Allow 24-48 hours for us to confirm your payment and process your order.


> Do you ship nationwide?

Nationwide shipping is applicable to selected products (non-fragile items) only. Items like dried grasses, mirrors and big vases can be picked up in or delivered within Metro Manila.


> How much is your shipping fee?

Nationwide (standard) fee is P350 upon checkout. Delivery fares may vary for customers that opt to deliver via Grab/Lalamove/Angkas within Metro Manila and certain parts of Luzon.


> How long until I receive my orders?

For items in stock, orders are sent out the next day upon order placement. For special and/or custom orders, please allow 14-30 days for us to fulfill your request.

For more info, kindly read our shipping and return policies.


> What are your operation hours?

We're open Mon-Fri from 9AM to 5PM, however, customers may place orders online anytime. We'll try to do our best to get back to you within a 48-hour time frame.